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large mouth bassI thought you’d like to know a little more about how I got into this crazy sport and about my new product the PAC – RAC.

I live in Corona California with my fantastic wife Amy and our two fur people named Bear and Jesse. Amy loves genealogy and reading. I love woodworking and would like to do more fishing. We love to travel together as a family and we have had some great adventures.
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Fishing with dadFishing has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Growing up in Maine, my dad and I would stream fish, lake fish, and even ice fish. Since moving to California, I’ve lost most of the passion for the sport. One day a few years ago, I saw some friends getting ready to take their jetskis out to the Colorado River. I thought to myself, “I bet it would be fun to catch a large mouth bass off a jetski”. That was the spark that led me to invent a bass fishing system for my jetski. After years of work, lots of waiting, and a bunch of money spent, my prototype is ready for launch.

This blog will document my new fishing adventures and the quest to bring the excitement of Jet Ski Bass Fishing to the rest of the country.

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