When you bottom fish from the bank, it is important to choose a location where you will have easy access to a rock ledge, fallen log, or other described areas. You may also have luck at the junction of two separate rivers or below a tributary. Cast your line into a slack-water area and wait. If you are planning on setting your rod up or casting multiple lines, you should choose a rod holder with a long, sturdy spike at the bottom. This will secure your rod in the mucky or rocky ground that is common to freshwater shores.

When Float fishing from the bank, Place a slip-bobber above the baited hook and guide the rig along common areas for Catfish. Be sure to keep your line tight and feed the line slowly. This will allow it to drift downstream or downwind from you.

Stay Mobil to catch more fish Sometimes we pick a convenient shady spot, drag out the cooler and lawn chairs just to relax on our day off and enjoy a few cold beverages. We plop our baits in the water and wait and wait. Our favorite spots don’t always hold active fish; this could be due to water levels, season, water temp, lack of structure, or lack of bait fish.

To up your odds staying Mobil and seeking out catfishing fish is usually a much more productive method. Jetski fishing will be ideal option. This means we have to give up a few comforts and work a little to find the active fish. A 5-gallon bucket loaded with only the necessities, such as a throw net, Stringer, a fillet knife a few plastic storage boxes for hooks sinkers, etc. and a small collapsible cooler is all that is needed. The bucket can double as a seat and a temporary holding tank for bluegill and shad.

how to catch catfish from a bank

A lot of times when seeking active fish I will only give a spot 20 to 30 minutes before seeking out the next likely spot. Paying attention to the features of the bank is a good starting point. Small creeks, a slight change in bank contour, a fallen tree, a brushy area, a rocky bank are into starting points. Remember what you see on land most likely extends into the unseen depths. Even when fishing from a boat I am often targeting these types of spots near the bank. Catfish like most species like cover and structure which usually hold lots of bait fish and protection from the sun’s rays.