5 Basic Bass Casting Technique That Improves Your Fishing

Everyone needs to learn to employ the proper technique if they want to learn how to catch fish. Of course, it will take some practice and some degree of commitment. The discussion in this post will go over the very basics.

Pitching Your Bait

First off, you should learn to pitch your bait close to any type of underwater debris or a brush that is visible. Bass usually hang out in those areas to snag a quick snack.

Casting Your Line

As soon as you are able to decently cast you can then try to make your bait skip off certain structures. Note that bass will tend to take a bite when they are irritated or hungry. Now, when you do cast your bait as well as your line, make sure that it is parallel to the brush line, tree line, the shore, or any area you’re working from. After you have made a decent cast, draw the bait back.
That will ensure that your lure will stay longer in the strike zone of the bass. The idea is to expose your lure to the bass as much as possible and for the longest time as possible.

Mimicking Prey


When you move your lure make sure to make it mimics the movements of helpless or fleeing prey. That will either irritate the bass or make them want to feed. Make the movements in a zigzag motion on the surface of the water.
You can also snap your rod downward and then back up to make the lure glide. You can also snap poppers down to activate the tail as well as their concave mouths.
If you are using wake bait, retrieve it at a steady rate. This motion will make use of its lip. It will make the bait shimmy back and forth.
Twitch baits and minnows are great for bass that are guarding their nests during the spawning season. Give your minnows and twitch bait some twitch and floating action as it goes back up to the surface.
If you are using prop baits, then give your rod a series of quick short jerks. This will tend to spray water which will attract/irritate bass.
If you’re using frogs and other similar bait then make them twitch atop grass. Watch the bass try to jump out to your lure.

Casting Jigs

casting jigs jet ski fishingIf you are casting jigs, then make sure to give it all the time it needs to reach the bottom. Remember that jigs are used differently compared to other lures. Once it hits the bottom make sure to give it a twitch. You basically retrieve this type of bait using the motion of your rod tip. You will lift your rod all the way up to the 12 o’clock position. After that, drop it down to a 9 o’clock position. You will then reel in the slack.
If you have a hard time feeling the fish bite, you can hold on the line for a better feel as you raise your rod. You’re basically trying to feel if there is a bump in your line and checking if it veers sideways. If it does then you have a bite.

Casting a jig – VIDEO