Pac Rac In Action

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Jet ski fishing is a real adventure! Whether you like to camp, hunt, or fish, Strong Outdoors can help you get the most out of your jet ski fishing adventure. The Pac-Rac is the most versatile PWC utility rack available today and will fit on most personal watercraft models from 2000 to 2013. Made from

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PaddleBoard PWC

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Trolling Motor Battery

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Trolling Motor Battery From Strong Outdoors, Please see the video to know more details about it and explore how it will help you the best way.

Trolling Fishing - Jet Ski Cat Fishing I started out on Lake Elsinore looking for crappie, but just didn’t have any luck. My friend William Johnson says though, “If you’re looking for crappie, you’re definitely going to get hung up” and I did. So I went out looking for catfish next. This spot is exactly where

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Kayak Fishing & Jet Ski Fishing Have Something in Common: Posting Summary Jet Ski Fishing I went out at lake Perris on Labor Day with my Waverunner at about 8AM, once again looking for largemouth bass. I got out later than my usual time of day break but I don’t think that would have made

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It’s really a shame that the United States is so far behind the rapidly-growing trend of PWC fishing. Only a week ago did we publish a great bit on Fishmaster’s PWC arches, but as any budding budget-minded fisherman might will attest, spending a clean grand to outfit your runabout might just be a little too

I have done a lot of Jet ski fishing this year and that’s it. Just fishing, no catching. Today on Lake Perris, a lake known for large bass, was no different. Of the six guys fishing around me, only one of them caught anything. It was a huge large mouth bass so I know they

Yamaha FXHO for jet ski fishing I have made some changes the setup of my 2012 Yamaha FXHO for jet ski fishing. It is fully equipped with the Pac-Rac from I also have some great gear from Yak-Gear and RailBlaza. Although I have mounted my fish finder on the Pac-Rac in previous videos, I