PAC-RAC FOOT ASSEMBLY Video Transcription

Before you put your nylock metal, measue along the distance slot, because there is three different slots here along the back of the PAC-RAC. This allows you to put the feet in a position that fits best on your specific Personal Water Craft, Make sure that you get that lined up first before you drop it in and tighten up that nylock nut, I have the other side already installed and so let’s go through the parts.

We have got two rubber feet, one small and one large, this is so that the rear foot can articulate with the angle of your Ski. One bolt and two stainless steel washers, one coupler, and a nylock nut and finally a jam nut.

Now for the tools – I have got a half inch box wrench and a 7/16 inch box wrench for the coupler. The 1/2 inch box wrench is for the top of the bolt.

First, assemble the foot. The first part here, is that I am going to get the small one inside the bigger one, now if you can’t push it in easily, you can also just use a needle nose piller or you can even use the bolt itself to get it seated down in there, all the way, so we will set that aside.

The next thing is that I’m going to take our bolt and put our first washer on the top and am going to line it down the hole, now am going to hold the bolt, I am going to angle the Pac-Rac, and just so you know, I have one of the straps already attached to hold the rack in position. Put the second washer up underneath, so the second washer is coming in up underneath, on the bottom am going to hold it with my finger.

Important Note: BEWARE OF THREAD GALLING. Before you bput on the Nylock nut, make sure to add a good amount of grease to shaft of the bolt. This will prevent thread galling which can occur in stainless steel hardware applications.

With the bottomwasher still in place, get the nylock nut started. Get in finger tight and when you hit the nylon and you just let it hand. I use a power drill because it is just faster, you can use a socketif you like. I am going to take my half inch down here on the nylock nut and am going to put my power drill on top, and am just going to ride it, ride up the shaft, make sure you don’t forget to put that washer on. Give it a good snug fit, put the drill aside.

Next, I am going to get the jam nut in place. Put it on with your hand, it might get a little bit tight getting up there because the stainless steel works against itself (galling), so Now add the coupler. Make sure you stop when the bolt is flush with the bottom of the coupler.

Now the last step is to take your rubber feet assembly slide it over here so you can see it a litter better, now the foot once you start to position your Pac-Rac, the foot will flex to the angle on the deck of your Ski and it is a nice wide foot, it is going to impact the hydro turf in any rough way, it will make a dent on the hydro turf, if you take care and make sure you don’t leave the Pac-Rac on for days and days at a time, you should be just fine.

The final step in assembling the feet is to adjust the feet, up and down before you lock that jam nuts. You can move the coupler up and down the shaft of the bolt but don’t back it all the way off the bolt. You need to make sure there’s at least a quarterto half an inch of the bolt inside the coupler so you don’t losse strength in the foot. Once you have the height where you want it, its time to lock the jam nut.

With your 7/16 inch wrench for the coupler and your 1/2 inch wrench for the jam nut, you are ready to lock the foot in position. Turn in the coupler and jam nut in opposite direction against each other to lock the assembly in place.

After you have used the pac Rac and you have been out in the water having fun with it, don’t forget to double check the feet, make sure they are still locked in position.