Pac Rac Gen 3 Installation (transcript)


Okay, this is the installation video for the Pac-Rac Generation 3. First production runs starts real soon, coming up just around the corner here, getting ready for spring and summer 2015. So do not forget, pre-orders are gonna open up soon and those who pre-ordered will get a free fishing package upgrade with their Pac-Rac. Keep in mind the Pac-Rac does fit most any model. So you will see it here, starting on a 2003 Kawasaki STX 15F. We’re gonna start with the Kawasaki and the initial tie down that I used is on the actual toe hook and I bring it up to the top of the Pac-Rac and run it down through where I can get some good leverage on it. So you will see that here.


So now we’ve got the strap locked down, let’s see what it looks like with the full installation on the Yamaha. Notice the rear foot is moved back to the far position. The Pac-Rac comes with positioning for multiple different jet skis so that you can move that rear foot forward. So here I am adjusting the rear foot for the Yamaha. I used my fingers as measurement, it don’t have to be too precised, but as long as it fits my hand evenly when I will lock those lock nuts in and ready to go with strapping this thing down.


So each of the Pac-Racs comes with 3 cam straps and so I grabbed 1 cam strap, gonna start with tying the front down first. Always keep in mind to begin your installation off the water. You do not want to be installing anything on your rig, on your jet ski when you got the thing on the water because you will inevitably drop something in the water. So, I always install at the dock or up on the boat ramp or at home and so you can see here I got this installed so I can rack the Pac-Rac back a little bit. Then I will go ahead and I will put the second strap where it tie it down to the trailer lock down, the tie down on the back of the jet ski. You will notice I’d give it a good rock backwards to get this locked in, get that cam strap locked in. I like to have some real good leverage pulling back so that when I cinched down the front one, you will see it really tighten up.


So once I have it in position here, got them locked on left and right side, I will go ahead and position the front strap and give that a good pull, double check it, re-position it a bit, cinched it up some more, that thing is locked in, ready to go. Now it’s time to put the cooler in. This is a 56 quart igloo marine cooler, fits great, easy in and out, of course we will strap it down before we head out on the big water.


Here’s a few pictures so you can see what it looks like with all the rigging options. This first one here is rigged up with a yacht gear fishing package. And these are just fully loaded with rail blazer accessories, fishing and camera mounts and phone mounts and radio mounts. You can do anything with this thing.


And here’s a few action shots to get you excited about upcoming fishing and adventure season. Check back here at the Facebook page and at https://www.facebook.com/StrongOutdoors for more updates, more rigging videos. Gonna be heading to Catalina Island this summer. So look for that trip update.



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