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Buy Your PAC-RAC as JetSki Fishing Accessories The Smart Way

All your jet ski fishing accessories will help you a big time. Welcome to my new website owned by a passionate fisherman and family man. After conquering stream fishing, lake fishing and ice fishing they decided to take it one step further and create their own product called the PAC-RAC which is a new fishing system for jet ski’s. Yes, you heard me. Jetski fishing.
Specifically for catching a large amount of bass, the PAC-RAC is a PWC utility rack that will fit on most personal water craft models from 2000 to 2013. It’s made from stainless steel and is easily installed, only take a few minutes to add or remove from your jet ski. It’s safe and secure so ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

The PAC-RAC Fishing Package, priced at $421.48 is available to buy on the website and it includes everything you need to get your jet ski fishing adventures off to the smoothest start. It will fit on most jet ski’s including Yamaha, Sea Doo, Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki. Stainless steel and easy to install this package is ideal for either family weekend fishing trips or long rang off shore fishing trips.

This package includes:

1 Pac-Rac stainless steel fishing and cooler rack,

1 removable handle,

3 – 4′ adjustable cam strap,

2 adjustable feet,

3 Delrin accessory plates,

2 Railblaza Starports and 2

Railblaza fishing rod holder II.

Rather of spending 10s of thousands of dollars on watercrafts, marina charges, and storage costs, you can go Jet Ski Fishing the next day! Understood as the next fishing frontier, Jet Ski Fishing takes the best part of water sporting as a hobby- time out on the water, unwinding, lovely scenery- and leaves the negatives behind.

One of the plus sides of standard fishing with a watercraft, nevertheless, is the storage.

Fishing needs a great deal of equipment:

  • rods, 
  • reels, fishing line, entices, life jackets, and more.
  • fishing line, entices, life jackets, and more.
  • entices, life jackets, and more.
  • life jackets, and more.

A Jet Ski, while even more usually hassle-free, does absence that same quantity of vast storage area. Fortunately, Strong Outdoors has got yours back with the innovative, new method to help you get the most from your Jet Ski fishing experience.

There are also no limitations on what kind of water in which it can be made use of. Whether you prefer fresh or salt water, the Pac-Rac will go with you.

PAC-RAC jet ski fishing accessoriesThere are several bundles to pick from. If you need just the fundamentals, there is the naked Pac-Rac, or if you want a bit more, there is the fishing bundle. Strong Outdoors knows exactly what you need for your Jet Ski fishing venture, but that’s not all. Whether you like to camp, fish, or hunt, Strong Outdoors is the very best place to find exactly what you are searching for.

For those who love fishing jet ski style, among the most irritating troubles is getting all the gear you need on the jet ski without putting yourself at danger. Coolers, poles, and other devices can truly position a risk if not safeguarded properly, and jet skis do not have space a watercraft does.

Strong Outdoors has the solution. Introducing the PAC – RAC, a good sense option developed from requirement and creativity, permitting you to have the utmost jet ski fishing experience. This versatile rack fits on nearly all individual boat produced in the last 14 years.

Made of stainless steel, the PAC – RAC was developed for the particular purpose of carrying and safeguarding anything you need to bring on your jet ski fishing trip, getting rid of worry while raising your level of security. It is incredibly simple to install, and no irreversible changes have to be made to your watercraft to utilize it.

The PAC – RAC was developed to be made use of for any outdoor water activity, from off-shore fishing journeys, river fishing, or even weekend trips on the water. Most any fishing jet ski can deal with the PAC – RAC.

PAC-RAC jet ski fishing accessories setupSetup of the PAC-RAC is extremely easy. Without any adjustments or drilling required, it will take up only a few brief minutes of your time. Removal is just as simple, enabling you to maximize your trip or fishing expedition. Whether you are fishing in salt or fresh water, the stainless steel body is 300 grade, and will hold up against the aspects it was developed to be in.

Fishing-Package-1Strong Outdoors has concentrated on jet ski fishing for quite some time, brainstorming and coming up with new, more innovative methods to make your fishing trip more pleasurable and convenient. Having likewise created a system for bass fishing off of the jet ski, they have been able to improve the quality of fisheries by leaps and bounds for many years.

Strong Outdoors’ site functions other equipment and accessories for your jet ski fishing enjoyment, and the PAC – RAC is a prime example of the quality of their products. You will likewise find other videos and information regarding the sport of jet ski fishing. You will love the thought of taking it on, and find everything you need to participate right here.

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on boats, marina charges, and storage fees, you can go Jet Ski Fishing! Known as the next fishing frontier, Jet Ski Fishing takes the finest part of the water sport as a pastime- time out on the water, relaxing, beautiful surroundings- and leaves the negatives behind.

Visit our shop for a full list of products available for purchase, videos of the PAC-RAC in action, the blog to find out the latest of what’s been going on in the world of jet ski fishing and contact details. Don’t miss your chance to buy one of the latest and upcoming products in the world of fishing.

Jet Ski Cooler RackAfter studying up on a few of my previous weblog entries – it has probably develop into apparent that the robust majority of my experience in jet ski fishing arena has been performed at native lakes for Largemouth Bass, Trout, and the like… – which is only a taste of what the sport with jet ski fishing accessories can be for the adventurous fisherman. Read more about jetski fishing