Jet Ski Cooler Rack Strong Outdoors Pac-Rac Product Intro (transcript)


Let’s take a look at the Pac-Rac in the basic addition. The Pac-Rac as it comes out of the box is ready to customize, it is all stainless steel, powder coated and this unit is mounted just currently positioned on a 2003 STX, it is a Kawasaki STX and the Kawasaki has a flat deck, relatively narrow flat deck. So we have this set where the adjustable foot position works really well. We have moved the rear foot, here is positioned in one of the back three holes that we have in the adjustable format. So it is nice and leveled. Now, you can put up to a 54 quart cooler, igloo cooler into the Pac-Rac or you can just load it as is. The Pac-Rac can handle many different things from shears to bags to equipment to a stack of wood, if you wanted to bring some wood out for fire.


Once you have the basic rack installed, customizing it is totally up to you. Now in my case, I like to fish, so my rig is set up for fresh water lake fishing. So my rig has fishing rod holders here from rail blazer, I’ve got places to tie down paddles, I have a nice paddle board, paddle that I put on mine. This here has a 54 quart igloo cooler in it. Now on the Yamaha, this is a newer ski, you will notice that the deck is sloped. So in this ski my front foot position is lower than my rear foot position. And the Pac-Rac is fully adjustable, allows me to keep the cooler and keep me that get rack leveled. So my rig, totally tricked out for fresh water fishing. But you can customize the Pac-Rac however you like.


Unlike other cooler racks for personal water craft, your cooler actually sits up more level and accessible to your rear seat. Many cooler racks on the market today sets the cooler down low so we lose a lot of space. The Pac-Rac you can actually store in water proof bags, you could store a good deal of carry gear with you to your camp site and things like that down underneath.


The Pac-Rac is designed specifically to keep the cooler up and accessible so that you have more storage space.