How to Install  Jet Ski Fishing Rack

The Pac-Rac PWC Utility rack installs easily to almost any personal watercraft without the need to modify the jet ski.

The Pac Rac, mine is currently loaded up and ready for fishing. Of course, you don’t have to install it fully loaded, but I like to keep mine ready to go for fishing trips.

Jet ski fishing rack you can install in a blink of an eye. Just follow these easy steps and in 30 minutes you’re good to go. So first thing we do is we want to get the Pac-Rac situated so it’s nice and leveled. In my case, down here with the feet, the adjustable feet as we get in close, the adjustable feet for mine are situated so that when I put the Pac-Rac on the back of the waverunner, it’s nice and leveled. Now, the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to hook up the cam strap and will zoom in and I’ll get on this side and will zoom in with the camera.

fully-loadedYou’ll see the cam strap will come up over the top here and we’ll just loop it through here and we’ll go ahead and hook it up in the buckle. Here we go.

Now, once I get it situated, the first step is to make sure that the Rac can tip back a little bit. So I’m going to tip the Rac back and just a few inches back. It’s going to be very important as you’ll see in just a minute. So we’ll back up in a little wider angle.

The next step we’ll going to go is we’re going to bring the strap up here from the toe hook or the trailer hook down below and we’re going to put the strap right in through here, right on the Pac-Rac because it got this great tie downs.

These things are excellent built in. There are 4 of them all the way around and we’ll go ahead and get this first corner tied in. Alright, pull that through there.

The cam buckle sometimes is tough to get that first thing started. Now, really important we’re going to tighten it up here, but we’re going to lean this back a little bit and then we’re going to yank it tight. It’s really important to get that leverage action going.

So we’ll stay back on the camera and I’ll do the other side and we’ll get this thing going here, the other side loops through as well, and get the cam buckle in there and then we’ll finish the installation. Here we go. Make sure this is nice and snug.

We’ll pull back with that slack we created earlier and we’ll give that a good pull so before we singe up the primary cam strap. Let’s come in here and take a look and you’ll see what’s happened.

We left a little slack in that front one, you’ll notice that there are space down here where the Rac is not touching the deck because we pulled the rear straps nice and tight. So now as I get a hold of this cam strap up in the primary location and I’ll pull this forward.

Now, you’ll see that the Rac is singed down nice and tight on the deck and it is as solid as a rock. It’s anchored on there really well and no bolting, no hardware, no modifications of your ski and there you have it, the installation of the Pac-Rac. Find more about PWC at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_water_craft