Great Day for Jet Ski Fishing With GoPro Camera Ball Mount

I am an avid Jet Angler and I needed a way to film my jet ski fishing activity easily and at a low price. So here’s a look at my GoPro Camera Mount that I set up on the bill of one of my hats. I’ve seen many different YouTube videos on various different ways to set this up and most of them just drilled directly through the bill of the hat and then put some screws on the back side. I’m usually fishing for largemouth bass, crappie or catfish so I’m always casting and repositioning my jet ski. I wanted to have a solid platform that I could wear for extended fishing trips. This is what I came up with. I used a flat piece of acrylic and you can see this piece of acrylic here. It’s a smooth surface for the 3M VHB tape that comes with the GoPro Mount. I used a piece of composite plastic that I had lying around the garage and basically carved that out so that the screws would thread in from above. So what I end up with is a slight different contour on the bill of my hat, but I end up with a solid foundation for the GoPro Mount. Let me show you how it looks with the GoPro on there. So here it is. Here is what it looks like on. It works real well, comfortable. It might be again, it might be a little heavier than it needs to be because of the thicker plastic that I put underneath. The acrylic doesn’t weigh anything at all but again I wanted to have something that formed a very strong platform and I didn’t want to rely on just the bill of the hat. So there you go. Hat mounted GoPro Camera probably version number 1001 when you are looking on YouTube. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

So here what it looks like in action on Silverwood Lake heading out to my fishing spot in search of large mouth bass. It fit great. It wasn’t too heavy even though there were some chop on the way out. Pretty stable video. It worked great. Okay, this is the first fishing spot that I set up on this last Saturday on Silverwood Lake. I didn’t catch anything. I tried real hard. I spent a lot of time working on it and I know they are in there. I’ve seen them, but this is a great example of how the hat cam set up works. It was very comfortable even though the temperature was rising pretty quick. It was still very comfortable, easy to use, and I had full range of motion. I also had a camera on the back of my Waverunner out of my Rac. You can see it there on the video. Everything worked great. Get out there. Give one a try on yourself. I hope this is helpful to you. We’ll see you next time.

GoPro Camera Ball Mount