Kayak fishing and Jet ski fishing have something in common.

I went out at lake Perris on Labor Day with my Waverunner at about 8AM, once again looking for largemouth bass. I got out later than my usual time of day break but I don’t think that would have made any difference. I know it is called “fishing” and not “catching” for a reason but my largemouth dry spell is getting ridiculous. I went through the “how to fish for bass” handbook and tried several different techniques including spinner bait, drop shot, top water, and I even trolled a crank bait. Nothing. Although I was frustrated with my lack of fish, a funny thought did cross my mind. Kayak fishing and Jet ski fishing have something in common.

The cost of entry is a heck of a lot less than fishing in a bass boat. Today I came across three different groups of people in bass boats. The boats ranged anywhere from a $20,000 Tracker to a $40,000+ Nitro. That is just for the boat and it doesn’t include all the gear they are running with. These guys were running some very nice bass boats but here is the thing, between the three boats with nine guys on board, they had two fish, and they have been on the lake since dawn. At the very least, it cost me much less to put my wave runner on the water. I love to fish but California bass fishing leaves a lot to be desired so I’m glad that I can get on the water for less.