Railblaza setup video

So ever since I was introduced to RailBlaza by the good folks at YakGear, people have been asking me about the RailBlaza products on my Waverunner and my Pac-Rac, so let’s take a tour. This is the Rod Holder II that fits into the Starport which you’ll see more of a close up here real soon, but the Starports are great and really easy to use. I like the Rod Holder II, very versatile, lots of different angles, excellent for fresh water fishing, bass fishing, the type of fishing that I enjoy doing. It is a lot more of a light tackle type of a fishing set up that works well for exactly the type of fishing that I’ve been doing. We’ll take a little closer look at the RailBlaza II here in just a moment. Here we go. So to finish up with the Rod Holder II, it will just work very well in a variety of positions. In this case, of course I haven’t angled out and it’s fantastic that the collar, the built in collar holds the rod just fine and exactly as advertised. If I want to drop this down, I can lock the rod in so I won’t have any worries about fish running off with it or if I’m going to fly across the lake or the ocean, I can lock that rod in pretty well so that’s the Rod Holder II. It looks really good up there and definitely more solid than the RAM mount, definitely. So over here on the other side, let me go ahead and take out the Rod Holder II that’s on the other side and I’ll set it up on top of the cooler and I’ve got a side mount Starport base here where I’ve gone and put a G-hold in. This G-hold is actually great. It’s the best solution that I’ve found for my paddle. It used to sit up on top of the Rac which is good, but it could be used for something else up there and I’m looking forward to that, perhaps a camera mount or something different up there once we figured out how to get the rail mounts working, but the G-mount here, G-hold working great. Now, we’ll move over and check out the camera boom over here. So here we are with the boom mount positioned in another side port base down below. A standard Starport base mounted on my forward accessory plate. It works really well of course. I haven’t figured out everything that I can do with it. The other item that I did have plugged in here and I’ll show you in a minute. Well, as a matter of fact I’ll show you in a second, but there is the mount for the camera. I haven’t adjusted it at this point or turned it around in any specific direction because it’s a brand new setup. I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to position to the front and to the rear. Am I going to go with a Go Pro? Am I going to go with a water proof case for that? There’s a lot to think about. So you can see here, I removed the adjustable mount and the base. So you can see that I’ve put the moby holder in here as an alternate for this side port on this forward mount. Now, the side port is great. It works well under there. I could put an extension on this one of course. I think that the ideal here might be an extension that brings this further out. So in here, it’s kind of tight especially when I get that fish finder on there, but I’ll show you that next. So here we’ve got the Starport base down here of course with the adjustable mount and this is where I have my fish finder. It works really well down in here and we’re locked, of course I’ve locked that in afterwards, but it fits in really well. The base by the way was great, very easy to mount the fish finder base to this unit. It was very easy to mount. I was definitely happy with that. so there you have it.