You need to understand the behavior and habits of bass if you really want to get a good catch. Doing so increases the chances of your finding them and eventually reeling them in with your rod. For instance, bass will tend to bite any lure near them during the colder months when the water is colder (hurray for winter). However, do take note that they tend to be more erratic when autumn comes. Getting colder while angling form jet ski. Most of the time they will feed closer to land as the water gets colder.


Pay Attention to the Changing Seasons of Jet Ski Fishing

An ideal time of the year to fish for bass is during the summer as well as spring. They tend to roam around the open water during such months. However, they also take shelter and cover at certain times in the day.
When bass are pre-spawning it is best that you do your fishing in areas that are 18 to 15 feet in depth (at times deeper). When they are done spawning you will tend to find them in shallower waters since their spawning beds are to be found there. Once the spawning season is over you will tend to find them in deeper waters again. Simply put, pay attention to the life cycle of these fish.

Master the Terrain

Jet Ski fishing is pretty much like hunting. In both cases, you, the hunter (well, in this instance the fisherman) should know your terrain. Remember that certain animals tend to stay in certain areas. The same rule applies to bass, which is why we discussed the best places to fish for bass in the previous post.

Depending on the current state of the weather, bass will usually take cover under some debris or roam around in open water. The best places to set your cast will include grass, brushes, fallen structures, fallen trees, shallow flats, rocky bottoms, and anywhere there is vegetation.


Use Your Waverunner To Pick Your Spot by the Time of the Day


bass fishing jet skiBass will usually feed nearer to the shore in the morning (that’s where their food is). They will then swim into deeper water after. They will then look for shade as well as deeper water as the day goes by depending on prevailing weather conditions.

black bass  Centropristis_striataIn the morning you should fish for them just a little below the water surface. Use spinner bait or buzz bait; they’re excellent in the early morning. Since you expect bass to take cover during midday, then look for bushes, fallen trees and other sources of cover. If you prefer to fish in deeper water, then use spinner baits and crank baits.

When the light begins to fade in the afternoon, you can use the same fishing tactics as you did in the morning. Use plastic grubs, fish, frogs, lizards, crawfish, and worms as bait. TIP: make sure to ask the local bait and tackle dealer what particular color is working that day.