So here is a quick update on the Starport mount on my Yamaha Waverunner. Originally as you have seen in past videos, I mounted a starport over here on the delrin block, using VHB tape. It worked really well, but I wanted to go a little further, so this time I mounted the RailBlaza Starport directly to the Waverunner. I chose this spot on the wave-runner because it is one of the few spot that is actually flat enough to get a good seal. I actually used the screws that came with starport and I also used 3M, 4000uv, adhesive. I did not use the 3M 5200 because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make this completely permanent.

It is very stable. most of the movement is coming from the plastic, and the gasket in the middle of the starport. I have got the full length RailBlaza extension rod in it now and it works really well. If you are looking for fast and versatile ways to mount accessories to your PWC, this could be a solution.