A lot of people have asked me how I mounted transducer to my WaveRunner. I did not want to drill any holes in the hull and I could not find a flat spot for a Hull Saver so this is what I came up for my transducer mount.
So here what it looks like down on the back of the Waverunner. Of course I got the jet over here and what I did was went ahead and cut after I measured it out several times to the template. I got a nice piece of a flexible, but very strong plastic and was able to mold it in, not mold it in, but I shaped it in so that it would sit in behind and in between the step. So this is the step, very strong solid mount and this plastic of course rides down here and I’ve got some nice flash mount screws on the back, bolts with flat head and that’s it. Pretty simple stuff. It works really well.