One of the fundamental skills in angling is tying knots. Since you will embark in bass fishing then you ought to learn the best and the toughest fishing knots out there. Note that bass fish tend to fight back and try their darn best to get away. They will play a good amount of tug of war before you can reel them in.

Types of Bass Fishing Knots

If you were to ask bass fishing enthusiasts, they will pretty much tell you every knot there is in the book. Some will even swear on it. Of course, some knots are stronger than others. There are basically four different types of fishing knots that you will use for bass fishing (well, for any type of fishing actually). They include terminal loop knots, light line to heavy line splice, and terminal knots.

A terminal knot is something that you will use at the end of a line. It’s basically the knot you will use to end a braid. These knots are also known as crown knots or wall. Terminal loop knots are pretty much like terminal knots except you employ a loop. The loop is basically used to attach terminal tackles, traces, and attaching leaders. Loops can be tied rather quickly – some people are even able to tie loops even in complete darkness. Light line to heavy line splices (or just splices) is used to splice two lines together. Some knots allow you to make double lines that you can splice to heavy leaders.

Most Popular Bass Fishing Knots

The following are some of the most popular bass fishing knots that have been tested and are currently in use by anglers today. Now, you don’t have to learn everything but knowing how to do around four of these knots will be a big help. Note that the fishing knots in this list are not organized in any particular order.

1. Two uni-join knot
2. Alberto knot
3. Eugene slip knot
4. Rapala loop knot
5. Snell knot
6. San Diego jam knot
7. Uni slip knot
8. Trilene knot
9. Improved clinch
10. Palomar knot

How to Tie the San Diego Jam

We don’t have enough room in this book to discuss every single fishing knot in broad detail. However, since a lot of professional anglers, experts, and instructors have mentioned the Sand Diego jam knot on more than one occasion, the process of tying that will be described below. It’s one of the toughest knots in use today, and it pretty much holds out very well even against the strongest bass fish out there.

san diego jam knotThe first step to tie the San Diego jam knot is to pick up the line and running it through the eyelet. After that, you need to run the tag end and make sure that main line is parallel to the tag end.

Loop the tag end around the main line. Note that you will also loop the tag end around itself in the process. Keep looping until you’re back all the way down at the eyelet.

Step I Notice the knot that was created at the top. Grab the tag end and run it through that loop.
Slowly pull the knot by tugging on the tag end first and then followed by a slow tug at mainline and the tag end at the same time. Finally pull at the mainline only to make the knot nice and tight.