The Types of Bass Lies

You will hear about lies when you learn about fly fishing or jet ski fishing. Simply put, they refer to the prime fishing areas where you can find the fish you want to catch. There are sheltering lies (where bass go to find shelter), feeding lies (where bass feed), and prime lies (other areas where you will most likely find them – a combination of the first two). We have discussed this in part in a previous chapter. We’ll just add a few tidbits of info to what has already been given.

sandbars are excellent areas

Feeding Lies

These are areas where bass go to feed. These are usually shallow water areas. These are also the same places where these fish go to breed and hatch eggs. Note that fish tend to be spooky in feeding lies since predators also tend to be about in the same areas.
Areas with calm water, riffles that are about knee deep, an eddy, and sandbars are excellent areas. If you’re fishing in a lake then look for inlet deltas, bed weeds with cruising areas in between them, and areas where there are insects readily available for fish.

Shelter Lies

Shelter lies are places where bass go to hide and find protection from predators. Note that these areas don’t usually have a lot of food for bass. You should also expect that bass won’t normally stay there for long periods of time. As a rule of thumb, shelter lies are usually places in the water that are just underneath something above it.
Look for riffles that are around waist deep, thick masses of weeds that can provide cover for fish, big rocks, stumps, and weed beds are usual shelters for these fish.

Prime Lies

sandbars are excellent areas ocean

Prime lies are areas where there is food and shelter for fish. Bass usually find protection here both from strong currents as well as predators. Look for any kind of overhanging cover, plunge pools of waterfalls, large boulders, submerged logs, weed beds that break the surface, any standing timber, and midges. They serve as prime lies for bass.