Jet Ski Fishing – Understanding Bass and Their Environment

You need to understand the behavior and habits of bass if you want to get a good catch. Doing so increases the chances of your finding them and eventually reeling them in with your rod. For instance, bass will tend to bite any lure near them during the colder months when the water is colder (hurray for winter). However, do take note that they tend to be more erratic when autumn comes. Most of the time they will feed closer to land as the water gets colder.


Pay Attention to the Changing Seasons


An ideal time of the year to fish for bass is during the summer as well as spring. They tend to roam around the open water during such months. However, they also take shelter and cover at certain times in the day.


When the bass is pre-spawning, it is best that you do your jetski fishing in areas that are 18 to 15 feet in depth (at times deeper). When they are done spawning you will tend to find them in shallower waters since their spawning beds are to be found there. Once the spawning season is over you will tend to find them in deeper waters again. Simply put, pay attention to the life cycle of these fish.


Master the Terrain


bass catch on lakeFishing is pretty much like hunting. In both cases, you, the hunter (well, in this instance the fisherman) should know your terrain. Remember that certain animals tend to stay in certain areas. The same rule applies to bass, which is why we discussed the best places to fish for bass in the previous chapter.

Depending on the current state of the weather, bass will usually take cover under some debris or roam around in open water. The best places to set your cast will include grass, brushes, fallen structures, fallen trees, shallow flats, rocky bottoms, and anywhere there is vegetation.


Pick Your Spot by the Time of the Day


Bass will usually feed nearer to the shore in the morning (that’s where their food is). They will then swim into deeper water after. They will then look for shade as well as deeper water as the day goes by depending on prevailing weather conditions.

bass catch lake big monster


In the morning, you should fish for them just a little below the water surface. Use spinner bait or buzz bait; they’re excellent in the early morning. Since you expect the bass to take cover during midday, then look for bushes, fallen trees and other sources of cover. If you prefer to fish in deeper water, then use spinner baits and crank baits.
When the light begins to fade in the afternoon, you can use the same PWC fishing tactics as you did in the morning. Use plastic grubs, fish, frogs, lizard and crawfish as bait.


The Types of Bass Lies


You will hear about lies when you learn about fly fishing. Simply put, they refer to the prime fishing areas where you can find the fish you want to catch. There are sheltering lies (where bass go to find shelter), feeding lies (where bass feed), and prime lies (other areas where you will most likely find them — a combination of the first two). We have discussed this in part in a previous chapter. We’ll just add a few tidbits of info to what has already been given.


Feeding Lies


These are areas where bass goes to feed. These are usually shallow water areas. These are also the same places where these fish go to breed and hatch eggs. Note that fish tend to be spooky in feeding lies since predators also tend to be about in the same areas.
Areas with calm water, riffles that are about knee deep, an eddy, and sandbars are excellent areas. If you’re fishing in a lake, then look for inlet deltas, bed weeds with cruising areas in between them, and areas where there are insects readily available for fish.

Shelter Lies

Shelter lies are places where bass go to hide and find protection from predators. Note that these areas don’t usually have a lot of food for bass. You should also expect that bass won’t normally stay there for long periods of time. As a rule of thumb, shelter lies are usually places in the water that are just underneath something above it.
Look for riffles that are around waist deep, thick masses of weeds that can provide cover for fish, big rocks, stumps, and weed beds are usual shelters for these fish.


Prime Lies


Prime lies are areas where there are food and shelter for fish. Bass usually find protection here both from strong currents as well as predators. Look for any overhanging cover, plunge pools of waterfalls, large boulders, submerged logs, weed beds that break the surface, any standing timber, and midges. They serve as prime lies for bass.



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