The different fishing gear that you will need for bass fishing were described in the previous chapter. One piece of equipment that you should pay special attention to is your leader – well mainly its length. A pretty good question that pops up now and then has to do with the length of your leader.
Some people have mistakenly assumed that you should choose your leader length based on how long your fly rod is. However, you should choose your leader size and length based on the current water conditions. It may seem practical to cast shorter leaders – especially on a windy day. But please consider this: fish, including bass, tend to flee when a fly line lands on the water compared to when a leader lands on top of them.

With that in mind, then it is in your best interest to use the longest leader length possible. Of course, wind conditions will also come into play. If it is quite windy, then a shorter leader will be more practical since you’re after better turnover. The same is true if you are fishing in smaller streams; a shorter leader will provide you with better results.

15 Foot Leaders

If you are fishing in the extremely clear water, then it is best that you use 15-foot leaders. They work great in both rivers and lakes that are much deeper. Even if you are fishing for bass that can easily be spooked, this length will work just fine especially if the water is clear.

12 Foot Leaders

12 Foot Leaders are best suited for floating lines. They are a prime option when you go jet-ski fishing in lakes especially in places where you want to cover more water. They are also a good option if you are fishing in streams especially if the water is very clear, low, or just flat.

9 Foot Leaders

9 Foot Leaders are a good choice when you are fishing in streams and where fish are not easily spooked or driven away. Use them when the water in these streams are clear and bright. This is basically one of the leader lengths and sizes that you will use when fishing in rather shallow water where the stream is around 20 feet in width.

7.5 Foot Leaders

7.5 Foot Leaders are the gear of choice when working in streams especially the ones that are below 20 feet in width but are wider than 10 feet. Make sure to use sinking tip lines and intermediate lines in conjunction with this leader length.

6 Foot Leaders

If you are casting at short distances or if the water is murky then use this leader length. This is also the desired leader length for bushy streams or in tight areas. Many bass anglers prefer this leader length.