It has been mentioned in the previous chapter that you will need the proper fishing equipment in order to be become successful in this sport. Half of the job will require proper fishing skills and the other half requires using the right type of fishing equipment given different fishing conditions.
Some people make the mistake of assuming that if you have the most expensive and biggest pole that you can catch any fish. They can’t be more wrong. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration, which includes bait presentation and proper casting.
Remember that bass usually thrives in the wild and anything that is out of the ordinary and unnatural will only drive them away. Remember that bass is a pretty wily breed of fish. Some people even believe that they are wise and quite smart. You can outsmart them and eventually reel them in. Our jet ski fishing rack PAC-RAC let you get armed with the appropriate gear

Your Bass Fishing Gear

bass fishing lures
Bass will vary in size depending on pond conditions. Most bass will weigh somewhere in between three quarters of a pound to one and a quarter pounds. You will also have to learn where the fish live (more on that in a separate chapter later on). Note that bass also love to take cover. Understanding the size of the fish and the conditions of the pond will help you pick the right gear. But first, here are the tools of the trade that you will need:

Fishing lures

The type of lure you use will vary depending on the conditions of the pond. Your options include crank baits, spinner baits, top water lures, jigs, rubber and plastic lures.
> Rubber and plastic lures: These lures are quite versatile and they imitate lizards or worms. The design is truly lifelike,which quickly attracts different species of fish – including bass. You can even use them weighted or weightless.

bass fishing jet ski lake s
Since they can float, you can use them like top water baits -they can also be used to fish in areas with pretty heavy vegetation. They are also well suited in case you fancy fishing during the winter season. However, if you use them during the warmer times of the year (i.e. summer) you will have to use more movement.
Is there a downside to these lures? Well, in fact they do -nothing is perfect in this world. If you see that the bass in the water are pretty active, this type of lure will not be quite as effective, especially if you are using rubber lures.

bass fishing jet ski lake s
> Jigs: This type of lure can also be used all year round.
This is also the lure of choice for people who prefer to use pitching as well as flipping techniques. That means if you prefer to fish in short distances and short range, then this is the most suitable lure for you.
This type of bait is best used with some cover or even when you have closed cover. Having said that, you should also be aware of snags – so be prepared to deal with them.

The idea is to make jigs behave like crawfish so you should make them scoot around in the water a while.

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Remember to imitate slow movement when using this type of lure. In case you are fishing in areas where there is thick grass, then you should use a three quarter ounce jig. They are also useful when you fish in areas where there are other predators, like gulls in the docks and piers.
> Top water lures

If you prefer to fish in areas with shallow water then use top water lures. They also work well in areas that have plenty of lily pads and other above water surface vegetation. These lures are designed to create ripples in the water especially when you are retrieving it.
These lures work quite well during spring time when ponds, rivers, and lakes start to become quite colorful. They’re also effective during the winter and in the fall when the colors of the environment start to change.