I have made some changes the setup of my 2012 Yamaha FXHO for jet ski fishing. It is fully equipped with the Pac-Rac from StrongOutdoors.com. I also have some great gear from Yak-Gear and RailBlaza.

Although I have mounted my fish finder on the Pac-Rac in previous videos, I moved the electronics upfront with the RailBlaza Starport system. I wired it last week and I tested it out on Lake Elsinore. It worked great. I put another Starport over on the left hand side, near the dry well so that I can use the mobi-hober from RailBlaza. For now, I am going to use it for my cell phone but when I am out on the ocean, I will use it for an emergency radio. I also mounted a the Yak-Gear cleat on the side and it works really well. I will not use it for really aggressive wave conditions but in the marina and at the dock. I have another cleat mounted directly to the ski that holds my anchor rope. You can see my quick release anchor line attached to the front tow hook.

On the back, I have experimented with RailBlaza’s rail mount starports that I mounted directly to the rack. I had to add some additional PVC tubing as a spacer. This enables me to have an additional rod holder or other accessories, I also made a anchor carrier for my plow anchor also called the bruce anchor from Yak-Gear, so I have got that hooked up there and you see my fish grip. The Fish Grip is a fantastic product, one of the best examples of America engineering right there. I got that from Yak-Gear also. Now in the back the original Starport mounted to the accessory plate that goes with the Pac-Rac. In the back here, Is the rail mount, still mounted up here on the handle.

Let’s take a look at the electronics I moved up front. I mounted a RailBlaza starport here to the deck next to the cup holder on my waverunner. Just a simple button lifts this out and the electronics comes off on quick released. This way, you can protect your expensive gear by pulling it off and hiding it away. When you put the Starport accessories back in, it is critical to get it seated correctly. The starport will not lock unless you get it seated correctly.

Using some simple wire connections, I ran the cable that came with my fish finder all the way up front. It is very easy to sneak it up through the whole area and then pull it into the trunk area, up here forward and I saved all the additional cords here. All the additional cords are just tired in here with wire connections and zip ties just to keep it all out of the way and then finally let me see if I can clear this area, I have got a lot of stuff in here, right there is the same battery box that I have had since designing it to fit on the back of the Pac-Rac. It is just a dry box from Walmart and simple piece of foam at the button to keep the battery nice and tight. It is basically water proof but I don’t worry too much about water proof because if this compartment is filling with water, something is very wrong and am not really worried about the battery at that point, so there you go, the electronics moved forward, and the Starport system is fantastic.

Enjoy best and safe jet ski fishing experience with equipments of Strong Outdoors.